Stacey Abrams Seattle Viewing Party on 4/25
(aka "Be the change you wish to see...")

When Town Hall Seattle announced they'd be hosting Stacey Abrams in Seattle, they gave priority tickets to their members (who are mainly white), selling out immediately and leaving little to no opportunity for people of color to attend. That's when my girlfriend Natalie reached out and suggested they create space and prioritize tickets for women of color in Seattle so they, too, could have the opportunity to hear an inspiring message from someone who looks like them. Why? Because visibility and representation matters! So, how did Town Hall Seattle respond? By opening up 50 tickets prioritized for black women ! Jenna Hanchard of King 5 News caught wind of this story and sat down with Natalie and I to discuss how necessary it is to make space for women of color. She also spoke with the team at Town Hall Seattle about their decision to prioritize space and tickets for Black women. This was a great example of an organization being open to constructive criticism, acknow

And so it begins...

November 19th, 2015 I felt a shift coming in my life and bought the domain for . I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the site, but knew I was in the midst of a transition and Balanced Brown Girl represented the women I wanted to be ... the woman I was steadily growing into. After 3.5 years spent ignoring the constant tugging at my heart to go live with Balanced Brown Girl , I’m finally saying “f*ck it” and diving in head first! Frustrated with my past circumstances, Balanced Brown Girl originated from my desire to create and start living a life I didn’t need to regularly escape from. With the help of therapy, I started to define what happiness looked like on a daily basis, and began incorporating more things that brought me joy and fulfillment into my life. Balanced Brown Girl is lifestyle blog focused on sharing my journey toward creating a balanced, healthy life. Leading with vulnerability and transparency, I share personal stories and lessons